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Malta: Bilingual Glossary of Mathematics Terms launched for public consultation

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News & Articles

Malta: Bilingual Glossary of Mathematics Terms launched for public consultation

06 December 2022
Country news

In July 2022, the National Literacy Agency and the Department for Learning and Assessment Programmes, within the Ministry for Education, Youth, Sport, Research and Innovation published a Bilingual Glossary of Mathematics Terms (Glossarju Bilingwi ta’ Termini tal-Matematika), for public consultation. The glossary provides words and expressions used in mathematics communication, which words are based on Malta’s current mathematics curriculum for the Early Years and Junior levels of education (ages 3 – 11 years). The Glossary presents these mathematics terms in both Maltese and English languages, both of which are official languages in Malta and often used as the language of schooling.

The aim is for the glossary to serve as guideline for bilingual teacher communication during mathematics lessons, helping teachers explain mathematical concepts and processes more effectively, helping them bring out nuances of meaning, in either language. It is also hoped that, by providing correct English and Maltese terminology, consistency across classrooms and schools will be encouraged for both English and Maltese in the spoken and written form. The document provides bilingual terms in the areas of Number (counting, number relationships, place value, addition and subtraction), Measurement, Shape and Spatial relationships, with a view to be extended in the future.

Consultation meetings with school representatives on the Bilingual Glossary of Mathematics Terms (Glossarju Bilingwi ta’ Termini tal-Matematika) are taking place in October 2022.

Source: Eurydice Unit Malta

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