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Italy: New models for the national certification of competences

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Italy: New models for the national certification of competences

13 May 2024
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In January 2024, the Ministry of Education and Merit has published a Ministerial Decree containing the new models for the certification of competences acquired by pupils at the end of primary, lower secondary and compulsory education, as well as at the end of adult education courses. 


All the certification models have the key competences for lifelong learning defined at European level as a common reference basis, while they differ in the analytical description of competences. Competences are evaluated through a four-level scale, each level described with explanatory indicators. 


Given the variety of upper secondary paths, both general and vocational, the certification of the competences acquired during this level of education will be introduced gradually. 


Certifications will be released by schools and delivered to families and to the schools of the next level and, in case of the certifications released at the end of lower and compulsory education, competences are included in the personal student's e-portfolio. As for adult learners, the certifications are delivered to the adults themselves, except for minors. 


The Ministry will soon provide schools with specific guidelines to be updated once the implementation of the certification of competences at upper secondary level is completed. 


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Source: Eurydice Unit Italy 

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