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Organisational variations and alternative structures


6.Secondary and post-secondary non-tertiary education

6.13Organisational variations and alternative structures

Last update: 27 November 2023

For young people who, despite all efforts, cannot find a company-based apprenticeship place there is the possibility of obtaining a vocational qualification in supra-company apprenticeship training (Überbetriebliche Lehrausbildung, ÜBA). Here the apprentice enters a training relationship with a training establishment (a training workshop). The training relationship in an ÜBA can enable young people to obtain a vocational qualification which is equivalent to the qualification of a company-based apprenticeship. Placement in an apprenticeship position on the regular labour market is always possible here.

Some upper secondary schools also lead pupils in certain occupations to the apprenticeship-leave exam in their programme. Graduates therefore have access to higher education and have vocational training.