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Physical Education and Sport at School in Europe

Comparative Reports

Comparative Reports

Physical Education and Sport at School in Europe

19 February 2018

Physical Education and Sport at School in Europe




Physical Education and Sport at School in Europe maps the state of play of physical education and sport activities at school in 30 European countries. The report covers primary and lower secondary education and provides an insight into the following topics: national strategies and large-scale initiatives where they exist, the status of physical education in national curricula and steering documents, recommended annual taught time, pupil assessment, teacher education, extracurricular activities and planned national reforms. The report is the result of an in depth analysis of primary data provided by Eurydice national units and can be regarded as the first attempt by the European Commission to identify key concerns and strengths regarding physical education at school across European countries.


Chapter 1: National Strategies and Large-Scale Initiatives

Chapter 2: Curricular Content

Chapter 3: Recommended Taught Time

Chapter 4: Pupil Assessment

Chapter 5: Teachers

Chapter 6: Extracurricular Physical Activities and Sports

Chapter 7: Planned Reforms

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