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Lithuania: Introducing KURSUOK - digital education platform promoting adult learning

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News & Articles

Lithuania: Introducing KURSUOK - digital education platform promoting adult learning

18 March 2024
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The KURSUOK education platform, a digital system of individual learning accounts, was launched at the end of 2023 with the goal of promoting learning and competence development for adults. 


Its primary objectives include encouraging the development of general and professional competences, fostering lifelong learning habits in society, and providing access to public funding for individuals seeking to learn. Those who choose training aligned with State priorities can receive funding of up to €500.


Learners will have their own individual accounts on the platform and will be able to access funding for training in the nationally prioritised areas. Notably, up to 50% of the state funding for programme development will be allocated to digital competence programmes. The State will also fund programmes to improve adult literacy, multilingualism, maths, engineering, learning to learn, and other competences. Upon completion of the training, participants will recieve digital certification.  The Learning Basket will be available to people aged 18–65 who are in employment and have already completed a qualification or higher education. 


Source: Eurydice Unit Lithuania

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