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Latvia: Support for Ukrainian refugees in providing education

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Latvia: Support for Ukrainian refugees in providing education

16 January 2023
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Support is provided to any child who came to Latvia as a refugee from Ukraine. In the school year 2022/23 children have the possibility to learn in the official language – Latvian – as a language of instruction. They can also receive tuition in the ethnic minority language (Russian) or in Ukrainian at the Riga Ukrainian Upper-secondary School , both at the pre-primary and basic (integrated primary and lower-secondary) education level.

Minors from Ukraine have the right to continue training in previously started vocational education through a vocational secondary education programme. Education institutions receive funding for the additional responsibilities of teachers working with Ukrainian pupils. Funding is also transferred for each child to schools for the purchasing of teaching aids. In summer 2022, the National Centre for Education, in cooperation with local governments, organised school summer camps where Ukrainian children had the opportunity to learn Latvian language and to engage in other forms of creative activity, improving communication and communication skills.

Ukrainian civilians who have worked as vocational and interest-related (hobby) education teachers in Ukraine, as well as foreign-language teachers in general education, also have the opportunity to work in schools in Latvia in cooperation with the mentors. Ukrainian civilians with the teacher qualification are entitled to work as a teacher, without taking into account the requirements specified in the regulations for the teaching profession, if they participate only in the implementation of the educational process of minors from Ukraine. By amending the Law on Assistance to Ukrainian Civilians, it was determined that the competent authority of Latvia is entitled to decide on the recognition of professional qualifications in the teaching profession without requiring all documents from the applicant. This is the case when it is possible to ascertain the applicant's educational document and the professional activity performed in the relevant profession or specialty in Ukraine.

Source: Eurydice Unit Latvia

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