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Italy: The reform of the Higher Technical Institutes (ITS)

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News & Articles

Italy: The reform of the Higher Technical Institutes (ITS)

07 November 2022
Country news

At the end of July 2022 the law no. 99 'Establishment of the technological tertiary education system' (Istituzione del Sistema terziario di istruzione tecnologica superiore) has been published.

The Higher Technical Institute (Istituto Tecnico Superiore - ITS) is a high-level institution that offers courses at tertiary level in specific sectors with the involvement of universities, enterprises and industry. The aim of ITSs is training higher technicians with high-level technological and technical competences that are highly requested in the job market.

The key points of the reform are:

  • ITSs will change their name to Istituti Tecnologici Superiori (ITS Academy)
  • The training offer will be increased through a stronger integration with university courses and a stronger involvement of enterprises
  • Each ITS Academy will refer to a specific technological area among those defined by the Ministry of Education in a specific Decree to be issued within 90 days from the entry into force of the law
  • Programmes will be organised in two-year courses and 3-year courses corresponding to ISCED 5 and ISCED 6 level, respectively
  • At least 35% of the timetable will be spent in traineeships
  • At least 60% of the teaching staff will come from the industry sector
  • A specific fund at the Ministry of Education will provide stable resources to ITS
  • Guidance initiatives on the opportunities offered at post-secondary level by ITSs will start from the lower secondary level of education.

Specific decrees will be issued relating to the organisation of individual aspects of the reform.

Additional information:

Source: Eurydice Unit Italy

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