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France: Digital strategy for education 2023-2027

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News & Articles

France: Digital strategy for education 2023-2027

03 May 2023
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On 27 January 2023, the French Minister of Education, Youth and Sports presented the digital strategy for education for the period 2023-2027. The strategy aims to address several challenges: 

  • Strengthen national and local cooperation between education stakeholders, around educational projects mobilising digital resources where relevant  
  • Developing the digital skills of pupils, on issues of digital citizenship, by developing critical thinking and reinforcing media and information literacy; then, transmitting them a base of reinforced digital skills; finally, promoting the attractiveness of specialities and baccalaureates leading to digital professions 
  • Provide teachers with digital tools and resources to put digital technology at the heart of their practices, and encourage their use by offering more training and support  
  •  Ensuring the robustness, security, accessibility, quality and “environmental responsibility” of the Ministry's IT tools. 

Each of these four areas is the subject of several key actions: 


1. A renewed ecosystem  

  • Strengthen the governance of digital education at national and local levels; 
  • Share indicators for steering and evaluation purposes; 
  • Define standard individual equipment for pupils (in ISCED 2-3). 


2.  Developing citizenship and digital skills 

  • Ensure the acquisition of digital skills throughout the school career; 
  • Enable pupils to become informed citizens in the digital age. 


3. The educational community supported by relevant, sustainable and inclusive digital tools 

  • Support the development of digital resources; 
  • Simplify access to digital services by creating a "resource account"; 
  • Putting digital technology at the service of inclusive schools; 
  • Better training for educational teams in teaching with digital technology; 
  • Supporting teachers in digital education; 
  • Organise digital educational services according to an interoperable platform approach; 


4. A ministerial information system at the service of users 

  • Improve efficiency by increasing and supporting mutualisation; 
  • Improve fluidity and quality by integrating the principles of agility and user experience; 
  • Developing “environmental responsibility”. 


Additional Information: MENJ: Digital strategy for education 2023-2027

Source: Eurydice Unit France 

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