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Denmark: The government addresses well-being challenges for children and young people

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News & Articles

Denmark: The government addresses well-being challenges for children and young people

23 January 2024
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The Danish government has set up an expert commission to examine the well-being of children and young people after increasing challenges with declining well-being. New figures indicate that although most children and young people are doing well, almost half of the young people aged 16-25 experience a degree of decline in their well-being, and an increasing number of children and young people feel lonely. At the same time, there has been a considerable increase in the use of social media among this age group. 


The commission, whose target group is children and young people aged 0-25 years, will look at four themes: 


  • Communities and relations: The commission will examine how to provide a basis for close relations and positive communities in the everyday life of all children and young people, where they can be seen and receive support if they struggle; 


  • Early efforts and prevention: The commission will examine how children and young people’s well-being can be enhanced through structural interdisciplinary efforts, including how children and young people with early signs of declining well-being can be identified and receive support; 


  • Joy of life and robustness: The commission will examine how to create the prerequisites for all children and young people to develop resilience and a belief in their own abilities; 


  • The good digital life: The commission will examine how children and young people’s digital life has impact on their well-being, and how to improve their digital etiquette, security and safety. 




Additionally, the commission will examine the scope and underlying causes of the declining well-being among children and young people, taking into consideration potential variations based on gender, social circumstances, and ethnicity. The commission is committed to delivering its recommendations continuously and must finish its work before the end of 2024 at the latest. 


Source: Eurydice Unit Denmark

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