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Belgium (FR): Guidance tool for higher education enrolment

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News & Articles

Belgium (FR): Guidance tool for higher education enrolment

21 May 2024
Country news

The French Community of Belgium has created a formative, non-binding guidance tool, that is intended for all young people wishing to enrol in higher education, as well as supporting the professionalisation of those involved in guidance, including teachers.  


In concrete terms, the tool itself will be developed in three areas: 

  • interest; 

  • motivation; 

  • and (non-disciplinary) skills. 


At the same time, the work will also target the design of support and training for teachers and guidance staff in the use of the tool. Across the board, the tool and its tests will be monitored, analysed and evaluated as part of a quality approach that will enable the design and analysis of the tool's strength, its acceptance by the target audience, approval by the field and benefits for young people. 


The first part of the "Ada-intérêt" (“Accompagnement au Développement de ton Avenir”) tool was implemented in September 2023. The other two components are currently being developed and should be finalised by the end of 2024. 


This tool makes it possible to: 

  • identify the fields of professional activities; 

  • explore the professions in these fields of activities; 

  • locate the higher education programmes organised in French Community that relate to these occupations. 




Two other modules will soon be added to this guidance tool, and will focus on cross-disciplinary skills, study strategies and motivations. 


Source: Eurydice Unit Belgium (FR)   

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