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Political and economic situation


1.Political, social and economic background and trends

1.4Political and economic situation

Last update: 30 March 2023

Gross national revenue in Germany reached Euro 3,987.3 billion in 2022. Per capita this was Euro 47,559. Gross domestic product totalled Euro 3,858.3 billion and Euro 46,020 per capita.

In 2021, based on the yearly average according to the microcensus, the number of people in employment in Germany was just less than 41.5 million or 58.7 per cent of the working-age population, including more than 19.4 million women, i.e. 54 per cent of the female working-age population. 

In 2022, the average number of unemployed was just less than 2.4 million people, just less than 1.85 million in the Länder in western Germany and just less than 0.6 million unemployed in the Länder in eastern Germany. In the Länder in western Germany, the unemployment rate was 5.0 per cent, in the Länder in eastern Germany 6.3 per cent. This amounts to an unemployment rate for Germany of 5.3 per cent. An average of 203,479 (8.4 per cent of all unemployed people) persons under 25 years of age were without employment in 2022.

Education spending as a proportion of gross domestic product


Source: Statistisches Bundesamt, Bildungsfinanzbericht 2022

Educational attainment of the 25-64-year-old population in per cent

Below upper secondary171414
Upper secondary and post-secondary non-tertiary595954
Tertiary education252732

Source: Secretariat of the Standing Conference