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Sweden: A new basic eligibility test for admission to Higher Education

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News & Articles

Sweden: A new basic eligibility test for admission to Higher Education

10 January 2023
Sweden harbour
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In order to create more paths to higher education and take advantage of people's skills, the Swedish government has decided on a pilot project with a basic eligibility test for admission to higher education. It is aimed at people who are at least 24 years old and have not completed upper secondary education or the equivalent within adult education. An approved result from the test will give basic eligibility for higher education into all universities in Sweden.

The test measures competencies that individuals have acquired through work, studies or other activities and that correspond to those provided by an upper secondary diploma. This involves, among other things, knowledge of English, Swedish and mathematics but also a number of cognitive skills, such as a scientific approach and problem-solving abilities. The test has been developed by researchers and experts.

Many higher education courses also require specific entry requirements. In order to qualify for them, those who have passed the basic eligibility test need to complete additional courses. Passing the test does not provide a grade or credit value to compete for programs with more applicants than places. Anyone who wants to apply for such an education needs to take the Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test, which is offered twice a year.

The Swedish Council for Higher Education is responsible for the pilot project. The first test was held in October 2022. The test will be evaluated during a trial period between 2022 and 2023. The decision to make the basic eligibility test permanent will be taken by the government after the trial period.

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Source: Eurydice Unit Sweden

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