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EACEA National Policies Platform:Eurydice
Ongoing reforms and policy developments


14.Ongoing reforms and policy developments

Last update: 24 March 2024

This chapter provides a thematic and chronological overview of national reforms and policy developments since 2021.

The introduction of the chapter describes the overall education strategy and the key objectives across the whole education system. It also looks at how the education reform process is organised and who are the main actors in the decision-making process.

The section on ongoing reforms and policy developments groups reforms in the following broad thematic areas that largely correspond to education levels: 

  •  Early childhood education and care
  •  School education
  •  VET and Adult learning
  •  Higher education
  •  Transversal skills and Employability.


Inside each thematic area, reforms are organised chronologically. The most recent reforms are described first.


Overall national education strategy and key objectives

The Work Programme of the Austrian Government 2020 – 2024 accentuate the strategic out-lines. The section on education, science and research (p. 286 et seqq.) states the main targets concerning the policy domains referred to in the educational context.


Overview of the education reform process and drivers

The vast majority of education bills comes from the Federal Government. In the National Council the draft is first referred to the Education Committee, where it is deliberated in detail. The draft, revised by the committee, is then referred to the plenary of the National Council and adopted there after thorough debate.

For details please see: The federal legislative process (chapter 1.2.2)