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Learning for sustainability in Europe: An interview with our authors

03 May 2024

Eurydice recently published a report on learning for sustainability in Europe. You can find the full study here Learning for sustainability in Europe: Building competences and supporting teachers and schools.


Erasmus Mundus turns 20: reflecting on two decades of a global programme

30 January 2024

As the Erasmus Mundus programme celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, we had the opportunity to speak with Dagmar Höpcke and Bart Cosyns, both are project advisors at the European Education and Culture Executive Agency and actively working on the Erasmus Mundus initiative. Through this conversation, we explore the programme's legacy, its current impact, and the prospects it holds for the future.



Structural indicators for monitoring education and training systems in Europe - 2023

30 November 2023

This year’s edition analyses more than 45 key structural indicators on education policies in early childhood education and care, key competences, digital competence, early leaving from education and training, the teaching profession, equity and higher education.


Eurydice Heads of Unit Meeting: Paving the Way for a European Community of Practice

13 November 2023

The Eurydice annual Heads of Unit meeting took place in Brussels between October 5 and 6. The meeting offered participants the opportunity to provide their input to the ambitious projects of the Eurydice Network, including upcoming reports, the use of open data, enhanced communication activities and the planned enlargement of the Network in 2024. Eight collaborative sessions reflected on important achievements, provided mutual feedback, and encouraged the strengthening of the work of national units as part of a European Community of Practice.


Diversity and inclusion in schools: An interview with our authors

24 October 2023

Eurydice recently published a report on diversity and inclusion in schools in Europe. You can find the full study here.

We asked the authors of the report, Sogol Noorani, Diana Antonello and Ania Bourgeois, to answer a few questions on the situation that emerges from their analysis.



An Inside Look at the European Year of Skills - Interview with Manuela Geleng, Director for Jobs and Skills at DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion

18 October 2023

Ms. Geleng is the Director of Directorate B in the Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion at the European Commission. Her Directorate works to make sure that jobs and skills keep pace with the rapid changes in both the labour market and wider society.


Language Learning and Mobility: An interview with our authors

26 April 2023

Nathalie Baidak and Anna Horvath are both analysts working in the Unit for Platform, Studies and Analysis at the Executive Agency for Education and Culture of the European Commission (EACEA).


It's been a year: Interview with Florence and Mitch, Head and Deputy of Unit A6

20 December 2022
  1. Which 3 words would you choose to describe your first year in charge of this new unit bringing together the Eurydice Network, Youth Wiki and major European education platforms? 


How Member States are supporting Ukrainian refugee learners: Eurydice reports review policies and measures

13 July 2022

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine forced many, including a large number of children and young people, to flee their home and search for protection in neighbouring European countries. In two reports published yesterday, the Commission’s Eurydice network gives a snapshot of the measures education authorities in Europe introduced to help schools and higher education institutions integrate refugee learners. Sogol Noorani and David Crosier from EACEA's Platforms, Studies and Analysis unit share with us their impressions.