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Organisational Variations and Alternative Structures

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Last update: 27 November 2023

There are several secondary school variations that differ from the most common public secondary schools:

Art school - educates students through a general education program and a special program in music, ballet or fine arts for a period of four years in order to obtain an appropriate vocation and to continue their education at higher education institutions.

The curriculum of the art school determines the relationship between general education content and part of program content for education in a particular field of art.

Special education schools - for pupils with severe learning difficulties. Children and young people with special educational needs receive education in schools according to programs tailored to their abilities and abilities.

The religious school - educates students for four years (in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina), according to the general education curriculum and the special program for religious schools. In Republika Srpska, religious schools last for five years and students are educated according to a vocational school program and a special religious school program.

In religious schools, depending on the type, students acquire a vocation in accordance with the curriculum.

A student who completes a religious school is qualified to continue his education.