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Distribution of responsibilities


8.Adult education and training

8.1Distribution of responsibilities

Last update: 27 June 2022

Educational activities are carried out by the Ministry of National Education in Turkey in line with the provision of Article 42 of the Constitution. All kinds of education and training services other than the in-service training activities to be carried out by public or private organizations are carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education. The duty of supervision and supervision on behalf of the state was given to the Ministry of National Education by its Constitution (Circular 2007/17).

Certificates or documents to be requested from applicants when determining conditions for adult literacy, general, vocational-technical education and employment. The schools and institutions of the Ministry of National Education are given by the Accredited Certification Centers accredited by the Higher Education Institutions and the Vocational Qualifications Authority in accordance with TSE 17024 standards in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education.

In order to develop and disseminate vocational and technical education, cooperation is carried out with public/private institutions (associations, foundations, and non-governmental organizations) and practical training activities are carried out in the workplaces. The infrastructure of the schools within the scope of cooperation protocols with the sector is renewed according to the developing technology, teachers are trained and the effectiveness of vocational training is increased in enterprises.