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Other education staff or staff working in higher education


10.Management and other education staff

10.6Other education staff or staff working in higher education

Last update: 17 June 2022

Other functions in secondary and higher education institutions are performed by staff from different categories.

The administrative branch

Staff in the administrative branch perform steering and management functions, mainly in the fields of finance and accounting, property management, human resources and schooling. They are divided into three categories: attachés d'administration de l'éducation nationale et de l'enseignement supérieur/advisors d'administration scolaire et universitaire), secretaries d'administration scolaire et universitaire, and finally administrative assistants.

The library sector

The library sector includes scientific staff working in libraries, curators and chief curators and document support staff, librarians, library assistants and storekeepers. These staff are responsible for the management, organisation and operation of university libraries, the management and development of collections, and the reception and training of the public, particularly in the use of information and communication techniques for documentary research.

Workers' branch

The TOS staff (technicians, workers and service employees) of the workers' branch, are currently under the responsibility of the local authorities, regions for secondary schools and departments for lower secondary schools. They perform the following functions in EPLEs: reception and security, routine maintenance and cleaning, management and maintenance of technical facilities.

The EPLE laboratory sector

The laboratory sector is made up of technicians and technical assistants who help the teaching staff in scientific and technical subjects to prepare their tutorials, maintain the teaching equipment and manage supplies and special products.

The research and technical training sector

In universities and other higher education establishments, teaching and research support functions are carried out by staff in the branch of engineers and research and training technicians (ITRF). This branch includes research and study engineers and assistant engineers, as well as research and training technicians and technical assistants. This branch is organised into eight branches of professional activity (BAP) corresponding to major fields of activity (life sciences, scientific instrumentation, etc.) or to major fields of action (logistics, administration and management, etc.).