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National reforms related to transversal skills and employability

Belgium - French Community

14.Ongoing reforms and policy developments

14.5National reforms related to transversal skills and employability

Last update: 17 March 2023
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March : There have been no reforms to date in this area.


Update in September :


On 28 April, the Governments of the French Community and the Walloon Region adopted a joint note on the methodology to be implemented with a view to a transversal reinforcement of qualifying education and vocational training, in particular work-linked training.

A reflection was therefore initiated in order to make the development and optimisation of vocational education and training a major issue at the end of this 2019-2024 legislature.

The shared objective is to raise the level of skills in French-speaking Belgium and thus enable everyone to integrate qualitatively into society and the labour market, to have access to the skills needed to evolve, while exercising their active citizenship. It is also a question of better meeting the skills needs of employers, or even anticipating them, with a view to economic and social development.

This process is part of a positive outlook in terms of emancipation for many young people, but also of an increase in the employment rate and economic redeployment, through sustainable, quality jobs. It is also consistent with all the projects being carried out by each of the Governments.

Thus, the Governments intend in particular to carry out an in-depth reflection on the links between education, training and employment, and, in particular, to reform "dual vocational education" to make it a pathway of excellence.

The joint note aims to set out the methodology and identify the short- and medium-term objectives for achieving these ambitions. It is based, on the one hand, on a cross-sectional and factual inventory of vocational education and training and, on the other hand, on the identification and definition of various actions to be carried out together, but also separately, in the short, medium and long term in order to boost dual vocational education.


Women's Rights Plan 2020-2024

As stated in its community policy statement, the Government of the French Community is resolutely committed, through this plan, to the defence of women's rights in all their diversity. The fight for equality must be fought on all fronts. The measures proposed in this plan are realistic and proactive and aim to mobilise all the competences of the French Community in favour of women's rights. They are the roadmap for the legislature in terms of women's rights and are in line with the Community Policy Statement. It will also be necessary to link the measures provided for in this plan with other action plans of the Government of the French Community, in particular those relating to the children’s rights, or the fight against poverty, or its contribution to the “Women in Digital” plan.   The Plan is based on 4 axes which will be translated into concrete actions in the different sectors concerned. In the field of education and training, the following actions can be found, among others :

  • Fighting violence against women: training future graduates in health and human sciences to identify, prevent and deal with violence ;
  • Deconstructing stereotypes and acting on representations: reinforcing the notion of gender in the initial and in-service training of teachers ; 
  • Ensure better representation of women in all professional sectors and at all levels in decision-making bodies and positions of responsibility: open access to training to all women; integrate the gender issue in the organisation of internships; get involved in the "Women in digital" plan; rebalance participation in higher education and research ;  
  • Facilitating the reconciliation of private and professional life: removing obstacles to the careers of women researchers.   


September : There have been no reforms to date in this area.

March : There have been no reforms to date in this area.